Pitt Meadows Rape Victim Thanks Everyone

By jeanne (talk)Jeanne boleyn at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
Photo by: Jeanne Boleyn
A British Columbia teenager who was viciously raped and then further humiliated from photo’s that were posted on Facebook following the rape, thanked the people who have supported her through the days following her terrifying experience, along with those who did not support her and brought her credibility into question following the assault in September.

Reading a written victim statement, police affirmed that charges against 2 additional young men who participated in the incident, have been laid.  The rape attracted national awareness mainly due to the disturbing part social media played in the event.  Police had formerly said the photos spread virally after being posted online.

The police also reported on Thursday that a toxicology report of the victim returned negative results for alcohol and drugs.

About twelve people are alleged to have observed the vicious attack upon the girl (16), which occurred on September 10th and 11th, at a rave.

After the attack, numerous teenagers brought into question, by way of social media, whether the girl truly had been victimized.

RCMP Sgt. Peter Thiessen read a written statement from the victim on Thursday at a news conference.

I want to thank everyone who has supported and helped me throughout this horrible ordeal, wrote the girl.  And to those people who didn’t support me, and who called me mean names, and spread mean lies about me: Thank you too, because you have made me very much stronger than I have ever been before.

Police confirmed on Thursday that charges have been laid against Colton Ashton McMorris, (18), from Maple Ridge and Dennis John Allen Warrington, (19), from Langley in relation to the attack.

McMorris has been charged with sexual assault, and Warrington has been charged with making and distribution of child pornography.

Both men have been freed on Wednesday with a pledge to come back to court.

A boy,(16) from Maple Ridge had charges laid for making and distribution of child pornography after supposedly taking photographs of the attack and then posting them the web. The Youth Criminal Justice Act banns the publication of the boys name.

The RCMP spokesperson said that there are no further charges expected at the present time, excepting more eyewitnesses assisting police.

Police have said repeatedly that witnesses have declined to collaborate in the investigation, and Sgt. Thiessen said that RCMP are aware there is additional information available out there which had the potential to help police seek out additional charges.  A code of silence still exists, he said.

The girl’s family issued a statement through police, thanking the public support and requesting privacy from the media.

There hasn’t ever been a shadow of doubt in our minds, that our daughter was sexually beaten, said the family.  We only hope that justice can be served and it will be made visible to people that this is unacceptable behaviour in society.

Our daughter has been bullied and therefore has had to leave school. Hopefully these charges will help to prevent any more attacks on her character.