Hockey trade deadline -

2012 NHL Hockey Draft - "Image by Ryan Tir via Flickr"

The 2012 NHL trade has everyone scrambling to figure out what the next move is going to be.  Speculation about Toronto’ Brian Burke making a move for Luongo to fill the goal position but Burke is vocal that Luongo is too expensive.  When questioned about it he said, “Would you trade 15 first round draft picks for one goalie?  I don’t think so.”  For Toronto’s first pick Burke picked Morgan Riley from the Moosejaw Warrior’s of the WHL.


Flyers at it again, trade JVR for Schenn

PITTSBURGH, Pa – If nothing else, Philadelphia Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren Online Blackjack sure knows how to make the NHL Draft interesting. The Flyers traded James van Riemsdyk to the Toronto Maple Leafs for defenseman Luke Schenn, whose brother Brayden currently plays for the Flyers after coming over to Philadelphia last summer in the Mike Richards deal that also brought the Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds….More at Flyers at it again, trade JVR for Schenn | INSIDE HOCKEY



Strategies continue as the NHL GM’s vie for the most talent they can aquire.  In the near future there will be deals and strategies revealed as the league restructures and plans for the future.  The stakes are high and the gambles are calculated.  Keep looking for the final plays.

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