CBS Journalist Viciously Raped in Egypt

CBS Reporter Viciously Raped in Egypt
Lara Logan Reporting in Iraq – Image by: US Army Lieutenant Colonel Scott Bliechwehl (Public domain)

CBS News has reported that one of their journalists, Lara Logan, has been admitted to, and is recuperating in, a United States hospital following being physically attacked when she was on the job in Cairo, reporting about the turbulent proceedings last Friday.

On Tuesday, CBS announced in a statement that Logan had been in Cairo’s Tahrir Square immediately following the resignation of the Egyptian president, when suddenly she and her team were surrounded along with their security detail by a horde of over two hundred people.

She was removed from her team in the rush of the crowd and endured what in the words of CBS, was “a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating.”  She was rescued by a grouping of women and an approximated twenty soldiers.

She was able to rejoin with her CBS crew and she arrived back in the United States on Saturday.

The Committee to Protect Journalists has reported that a minimum of one hundred and forty journalists have been wounded or died ever since January 30th in the performance of their occupations while reporting about the strife in Egypt.

One Egyptian journalist died from gunfire injuries he was subjected to at some point in the demonstrations.

One week prior to Logan’s assault on Friday, she was locked up, along with 2 CBS cameramen, by the Egyptian armed forces for one day.  Immediately following their release they travelled back to the United States, but Logan returned to Cairo just before the resignation of Mubarak.

CBS News hired Logan in 2002.  She commonly reports for CBS’s Evening News as well as the weekly news show, 60 Minutes, for which she has held the position of journalist ever since 2006. She has been a journalist on location extensively from Afghanistan and Iraq, and other numerous worldwide problem areas.